Saturday, January 9, 2010

Expiration FAIL

I decided to make supper tonight... The way I said that made it sound like it was a big decision, but it wasn't really. I've been wanting to have gluten-free gnocchi with homemade pasta sauce for some time now. And I finally had the time. I cooked some bacon (slightly expired but unopened-it smelled fine, so I used it.) I sauteed the onion that looked like it might only make it a couple of more days. I diced the garlic (the first two cloves were yellow and wilty-I threw them away). It was time for the tomato sauce! I casually checked the date and it said 2007. EXPIRATION FAIL.
I will used expired foodstuffs provided they smell and look okay, but I drew the line at 3 years. So I looked in my fridge for a substitute and found slightly expired Prego spaghetti sauce. I did the smell test and into the pan it went. Why was I making homemade pasta sauce to begin with? Because I didn't want Prego. Oh well. I added some tomato juice and some sugar to spice things up, tossed in the gnocchi and voila-supper was served... with peas that I put up myself last spring. I think they were the only non-expired ingredient I used. Just a note though... if you are a scientist and think I will die from everything I just ate, don't leave a comment. I don't want to know!


Rebecca said...

Goodness. I think you need to go shopping for some groceries.

Was the gnocchi homemade or storebought? I haven't seen GF gnocchi, though I haven't looked very hard.

allison said...

it was store bought. i got it at Whole Foods and it was very expensive, but i LOVE gnocchi so I wanted to try it. next time, however, i will try to make it myself. it was a little too rubbery-it almost had the consistency of pao de queijo.

Rebecca said...

Here's one recipe I've been meaning to try. Let me know if you try it out!

Kittymama said...

too funny, I hate when this happens, I'm glad you survived!