Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Estate Sale-ing

One of my hobbies is estate sale-ing. On occasion, it is a very bad hobby to have. Mostly when you buy old, expensive furniture (or a dish set) for your house that already has way too much furniture in it. But the little things are the most fun. Like square, metal baking pans with metal lids, mini-muffin tins, scarves, and perfume that reminds you of your Grandmother...

Below is what I got at the most recent estate sale. We did this kind of puzzle in church when I was a child. They were not, however, puzzles of Little Bo Peep and company. I'm pretty sure they were all Biblical stories, but I fell in love with these immediately anyway!

Being the bibliophile that I am, I bought these two children's books. I read Petunia and it is absolutely adorable! This duck gets in a lot of trouble by thinking that she is wise when she is not. I haven't read the second book, but it looks great too.

My favorite thing to buy is kitchen supplies. I got this antique, hardly-used cookie gun for $4.
How much would that cost from Pampered Chef? Oh, wait a minute... That would be $29.50.

My bibliophilic tendencies also include cookbooks. Old ones to be precise. They use a greater variety of ingredients and it turns out that you can make a casserole without using Campell's Cream of Chicken Soup. :-) Since I have started my gluten-free, casein-free diet, the old cookbooks have been very helpful! How much for HUNDREDS of recipes? $5.

I love these bowls!! My mother-in-law has some and loves them. Now I have some too, for $5 total. This was a steal-I have seen these sell for much higher.

I love these old cake pans because instead of greasing and flouring the cake pan (which I hate to do), you just run the bar around the outside edge and voila, your cake pops out.

Did I mention something earlier in the post about buying old, expensive chairs? Well, here it is. I am in love with a chair.

I am keeping the price to myself on this one. It is classified information. I got a couple of other small things, but I have to save something for later!

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