Monday, September 28, 2009

The three stooges

The three stooges...

Here is Lua Belle with her and Cleo's Christmas gifts... Cleo is a black lab who visits every now and then, so I'm sure you'll see pictures of Cleo eventually :-) I did make her share after I took the picture. Lua will be 6 years old in January 2010.

We got Lua from a woman who said she had rescued some Golden Retriever puppies. I'm no dog breeder, but one look told me she wasn't a Golden. She is a Lab/Bird dog mix.

Here is Obi-Wan Kenobi... We got him at Papa's farm after he fell asleep in my lap while Joel was hanging Christmas lights for Papa. We left for Papa's a family of 3 and came back with the fourth. He is 5 years old. Geez... time flies!

Obi-Wan rules the roost. He keeps the dog under control by taking over her bed whenever he wants to, regardless of whether she is currently using it or not.

And now for the newest addition!! His name is Jasper Cullen* ... He currently torments Obi-Wan and tries to outsmart Lua. He's so full of energy!

I need to take some more recent pictures of him. He is growing furiously! And purrs all the time. Live action shots to come later!

*okay, so Julie reminded me that Jasper's last name was not Cullen in the book. It was Hale. I can't decide whether I want to change his middle name to Hale, something else, or just leave it Cullen... decisions, decisions!

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