Thursday, October 9, 2008

the first thought from Mutton Hill

Okay, so I realize the title needs a little explaining. The very beautiful (now mostly developed) countryside where I live used to be farmland... for miles. The very spot where our house sits is known as Mutton Hill. You guessed it-they raised sheep on the very hill where I live. I love history and am dying to recreate it by getting some sheep of our own. The backyard is fenced in and Joel fusses about having to cut the grass. My suggestion is to buy a few lambs and raise them. Would you believe that he refuses despite the fact that he would never have to mow the grass again? No more fixing the lawnmower and putting air in the tires every time he cranks it. Alas, my begging is to no avail for sheep, more cats, chickens, or rabbits. Welcome to Mutton Hill!

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